A bit of history!


There has been a little water under the bridge in these 46 years. I started cutting hair in 1969...and yes, with long hair. I cut every rock band in Cleveland back then, because they trusted me. I started at His N Hers on Cleveland's west side. Then moved to Mans Image in Parma Ht's. for a short stint. In 1973 I built The Hair Castle in Strongsville...which is still owned by my first employee who bought it from me.


I then created Newfangled Hair Styles in Berea in 1976. Newfangled was the culmination of Cleveland's most talented hair dressers giving their prime years to a common have the best shop on Cleveland's west side. And we did for several years, being featured on Morning Exchange and Live on Five. Newfangled Hair Styles was an upscale but informal salon having a staff of thirteen. It still exists on a smaller scale, but I have no involvement today passing it on to my brother in 2000.


In 1992 I bought this little building in Seville and began winding down and enjoying my current phase in haircutting. I'll continue on the semi-retired daily schedule as long as great folks keep coming in.